Sunday, 20 July 2014

Welcome back to Term 3!

                     Welcome back to Term 3 in Kawakawa!                              21.7.14
I hope you had an amazing holiday. We are ready to start another fantastic term of learning and fun!
We welcome this term Lachie, Holly, Ruby, Willow and Ivy-Belle who are moving through into our class from Kauri (New Entrants). We now have 22 wonderful children in Kawakawa.

I have rearranged the classroom over the holidays to make more room and to best suit the students learning styles. The children have the choice where they want to sit in the room- they don’t have to sit at table and chairs. They choose their spot to sit in- on a cushion, or a bean bag, or a stool, at the jelly bean table, at a table, or in the Keva. The children are trusted with their choices and therefore are engaged. They are learning how to collaborate and communicate together. The students can sit where they feel comfortable!

Literacy- Thanks again for your support at home with listening to your child read, reading to them and having a go at the 10 minute word challenge. Remember to check out your student’s home learning diary with ideas of how to help with your child’s Literacy-Reading and writing at home. Please listen/ read to your child every need and sign their home learning diary and write a comment if you would like. Each week there is a goal written in for what they are learning to do.
I have transformed the Keva into a ‘Writing Workshop!’ It is full of ideas to engage the students and assist with their Writing.

Numeracy-We will be continuing with basic facts, number knowledge and number strategies. There is a note in your child’s home learning diary with ideas to assist your child at home with their Maths. There is a hundreds chart stuck in the front of your child’s home learning diary. It is a great tool to help at home with counting backwards and forwards, finding even and odd numbers, counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.
PE-Our PE day is on a Thursday. Your child can come to school in their PE gear. Mrs Asi takes the class for PE.
Prayers- We begin each day with morning prayers. We would love for you to join us. Here is a roster of when your child is on prayers: Monday- William, Lydia, Stephanie Mae, Chloe, James, Ivy-Belle Tuesday- Lexi, Ngaire, Charlotte, Lachie, Willow Wednesday- Kenton, Aaliyah, Jonathan, Isabella, Frankie, Ruby Thursday- School Mass. Friday- Eva K, Alexie, Ella, Ashlyn, Holly
Reminder: Kawakawa and Kauri are presenting the gospel at our school Mass at church on Thursday the 24th July week 1 at 9:15am and week 9 25th September. We would love for you to be there.
Our Library day is on a Friday, please make sure you bring your books back each week so that you are able to get two new books out!
Our news is on a Friday- Please look at what week your child will be sharing their news. They can bring one special item in and they will be sharing where they got it from, who it was from and why they like it. This builds on the student’s confidence at speaking in front of the class (oral language). Week 1,5,9: Stephanie Mae, Aaliyah, William, Lachie, Holly Week 2,6, 10: Lexi, Frankie, Alexie, Jonathan, NgaireWeek 3, 7: Eva K, Lydia, Charlotte, Isabella, Ruby, Willow. Week 4,8: Ella,James, Kenton, Ashlyn, Chloe, Ivy-Belle
If there are ever any questions or queries don’t hesitate to ask!

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