Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Our Writing..
Come in and look at our Polar Bear Writing and art.

 We thought about what we would love rain to be made out of. We got to dress up in Mrs Jackson's gumboots, a rain jacket and held an umbrella!

We were given a picture of a snowman, we had 5 minutes to add the missing parts. We then wrote 'Lost' Posters- we wrote 4 sentences describing our snowmen. Come in and see if you can match up which snow man goes with which writing.


  1. Cool writing Kawakawa, what a great idea! You all look like English children with your raincoats and brollies :) I think I would like rain to be made out of Smarties, but only for a day, otherwise the plants might get a bit thirsty.

    1. Thanks Mr C! Smarties would be yummy!